The Legend of Dragoon Disc 2

I finished Disc 1 of The Legend of Dragoon and went to load the second one, but I got a black screen and now none of my saves before I finished are working.

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Did you properly swap from disc 1 to 2, saving your ggs save state in order to transfer data from disc 1 to 2? Here’s a video if you missed this step:

I just finished helping someone make it to disc 2 so maybe the problem is fixed? I’m not sure what steps you’ve taken, but if you send me your most recent game save file (name-of-game.ggz) from disc 1, I might be able help.


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That worked, thank you. Haven’t played this game since my childhood and have been looking for somewhere to play since quarantine started. Thanks for the video link, that definitely helped.

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Happy to help @Corndag17. Enjoy the site and stay safe.

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I cant enter the home of Gignatos also

Check of my save file for a working disk 2 save

Disc doesn’t load/freeze just before Lenus boss fight 1 in Twin Castle.
Anyone know how to fix?

I am encountering this same issue with v1.1 of Legend of Dragoon even after following the steps in the posted video. I am using a ggs save state, but it still is not working and I am unable to upload it here. The game loads and then says that it is launching and remains stuck at that point.