Busy Week Over at EmuB

We’ve made some UX improvements by adding a mini “Load More” game list for individual games. Now you can pick a new game to play on every page! I also implemented the GiantBomb API so individual game pages aren’t as bare. I think it’s a great addition to the site as they contain all kinds of useful information for you to easily check it out while you take a break from playing.

I also added a few new consoles such as the SNK Neo Geo and the Nintendo DS. These section are a bit bare at the moment so if you don’t see any there that you’d like to play, just let me know!

A few more choice PSX games were added as well such as Tekken 3 and the first Dino Crisis.

That’s it for now. Time to get gamin’, folks!

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UPDATE: Giant Bomb API is out. It was making my pages appear to not be mobile friendly in the mighty eye of Google and was just plain ugly at times. We’ve switched to IGDB and now include a simple summary and review (if available) for each game.

The UI/UX has been greatly improved achieving Lighthouse performance ratings in the 90%+ range. Page generation is down about 3 seconds as well so that’s pretty cool.