ChronoTrigger Input Code Arris Dome

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well!

Question…old school Chrono Trigger, uploaded my save state to repository…is there any way to assign two or three keys to one button as I don’t think my keyboard supports the L+R+A code given. I know this is an issue as I find it on a search, but can anyone give a suggestion how to get around this as I’m stuck on it and no clue how to continue?

Best regards and thanks for responses!

I remember running into this same thing with an emulator back in the 90’s! The part where you have to turn on a computer to open a door or something right? Good times…

Do you have a USB game controller you could try out? That should work without any issue.

You can also remap keyboard inputs via the controller icon while the game is paused. Select the advanced settings - not sure about multiple keys having the same input value though…

Please let us know if you have any success!