Currently Down; Working on it

Some stuff happening that’s being looked at. I’ll update twitter and the forum as any news develops.

UPDATE: is back in a limited capacity. I’ll continue to add games when I have time. If there’s one you’d like expidited to the front of the queue, let me know and I’ll add it asap.

UPDATE: I have a running copy working locally that I’m just re-populating with games. NES, N64 and SNES are done. I’m adding PlayStation games now and will likely add GBA and Genesis shortly after. I’m starting with the top 12 for each console and will add more as time allows.

If you were playing a game that didn’t make the cut once I restore everything, just let me know and I’ll add it back asap. Also, all your games saves should work, but we’ll have to see once we’re live again which I hope to be by Sunday (January 29) at the latest. Keep checking back for more updates.

Dear Site Admin,

Do you know when the site can come back to work again?

Thank you

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I’m rebuilding it now starting with the top 12 games for the top 5 consoles. Almost half done at this point and looking to launch this weekend. Things like user accounts and game saves will no longer be available (for now). Just access to the top games form analytics

In the meantime, it looks like snapshots are actually working! It’s quite a bit slower but here’s a link to Super Mario 64 that worked for me - Super Mario 64 | EmuBrowser

What game are you playing? I’ll be sure to add it.

Dear Sir or Madam,

as of this moment, i’m playing Final-Fantasy-VII-Disc-1-2-3.

Could you please approximate the date,when the Website-Emubrowser can be restored again ?

Is it possible that my Saves till now can be used again ?

Many Thanks in Advance and Best Regards,


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I hope to have the site back in some capacity by Sunday January 29th, 2023. All game saves should work fine but I encourage you to let us know in the forum if you run into any issues once the site has been restored.

Hello again,

Since you asked so politely as to when things would be back, I thought I’d let you know that you can test out FF7 again by going here - Final Fantasy VII | EmuBrowser

Still in a development state but games should work.

NOTE: If you wanted any of the save game files that were uploaded to the site, please let me know your user name and the game the save was for and I’ll find a way to get them all back to you.

Hi! Any news on Chrono Cross coming back up soon? Im a retro gamer and do youtube videos, and was wondering when the game will be back up again. thanks!

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Thanks for sticking around and helping out with that suggestion! I’ll add it today as soon as I get the chance.

My main focus is to get the primary domain working again so links don’t break in terms of Google search console and SEO etc etc.

I’ll post an update when you no longer need to prepend the dev. to

Here you are, kind visitor: Chrono Cross | EmuBrowser
Please let us know if your game save files aren’t working.

Will be trying as soon as im off work! Is Legend of Mana also coming back? Its a fave of mine, and it says page not found. Glad to see the site coming back!!

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Why it just so happens that Legend of Mana is next on the list! :smile:

Let me know what other games you were rockin that aren’t up yet and I’ll add them when I get the chance.


So glad the games aren’t gone for good :slight_smile: I was playing Legend of Legaia for the PS1–is that in the queue?

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Thanks for the heads up! I’ll just add it right now (or soon enough) for you. I’ll eventually get back into adding as much as I can. Thanks so much for sticking around!


You are the GREATEST! <3

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Dear Admin,

I was wondering if it was possible to add again Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for Nintendo DS.
Thank you very much for your efforts and for the beautiful website which allows people to enjoy classic masterpieces nowadays!

Darko Draven

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The Nintendo DS has received zero love since our big outage so thanks for the heads up. Please let us know what other games you’d like for the NDS as I’m a little unfamiliar with the best games for this particular console.

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