Digimon World 3 Loading Bug

Digimon World 3 has a nasty bug that happens when you play it for “too long” without loading a save file. If you do not, the game’s loading animations block the screen and then after a battle the game freezes. The usual fix on a live disc copy is to save at an official save point, reset the PS, and load your game, but memory files don’t carry over on the emulator memory card when I reset the browser so I feel stuck. I tried forcing a title screen reset by dying, but it still didn’t work. Any fix or did I lose 40 hours of my life ={.

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Thanks for reporting the problem. If you can share your game save file, I can try some things out - not sure exactly what at this point, though. Normally when these bugs happen there really isn’t much of a work around to implement.

Maybe there are some people in the forum that ran into the same problem and found a fix … cough … anyone?