Emulator window wont open

I’ve been playing Majora’s mask, and when I logged into my account today the Majora’s mask page would open, but the window containing the game wouldn’t appear, there was nothing between the game description and the “^^^Play Button^^^” line (where the game window should be). I went to try other games but they suffered the same issue. I am unable to play any games.

Same issue here probably maintenance or something. Sunk 25 hours into pokemon emerald recently hope thats not gone.


I guess all we can do is wait :confused:

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It’s working for me now

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Must have had an outage. Sorry about missing your report here and glad things are working again. I’m working on upgrading the site with a new emulator that runs locally on the server instead of making a request over the Internet. This outage happens every October for whatever reason so with this upgrade that should be a thing of the past.

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