FF7 download/upload

I’m not sure if my loading issue is different from the ones previously mentioned, but here’s my problem:

The in-game save points for FF7 don’t appear to save anywhere but in that session. The save-state option tells me it saves to my save bank on emu, and I see the screenshot, but if I reload the site, then it shows all blank. If I go to open the save from my downloads, it says I need an ap to open it. I downloaded two such aps and the emu browser page, and none seem to work. It acts as if it has opened the file, then nothing happens. I’m still showing a blank. I’ve gotten all the way out of midgar twice now, and the early part of the game is super tedious… but I still love this game. Please help.

ps - I’m using chrome

Okay, I figured it out. but now, when I go to load disc 2, I just get a black screen. My save takes me directly to the change disc prompt, but disc 2 doesn’t seem to boot.

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Can you share your .ggs and .ggz game save files in this forum post? Pretty sure I allowed those file extensions to be added. If not, a simple cloud link like google drive or dropbox should do the trick.

I’ll take a look and see if I can help out.

Actually, I figured that out too. Sorry for the false alarm. It just took me a while to figure out your save/load procedure. Now I have an issue with getting a cut-scene to load when weapon attacks junon. I think I saw that question asked by someone earlier, so I’ll do the due diligence before I bug you again. But thank you very much. I love that you provided this emulator for us to enjoy.

oh, yes. I have the same problem RinnaBird and a few others had. your last post to them was that you were working on it.

Aside from setting up different versions of the game, there isn’t much I can do. If I add say v.1.1 or perhaps an EU or JP release, you’d likely need to start over again. I’m thinking perhaps I can add a bunch of version and region releases to the exiting page and y’all can sort through them organically and let me know? I could set up some threads specific to the game version or region and we could document them on the forum.

It would take a community wide effort to see what game can be played to the end without glitching, but you’d all be heroes in my book

Here’s what I can add:


Currently playing USA.NTSC. I honestly have no clue what’s causing the issue or if other version will will fix anything, but it might be worth trying out. Remember though, we need real :superhero:s to get the job done!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. I’m very glad you’ve gone to the trouble of offering us something this nice for free (ads aside). I suppose I’ll try europe or germany. I need to remember how to speak german anyways.

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Thanks for spending your time here, @fragoman! Least I can do is make sure things are working!

I’m hoping that even if the release was specific to a region, there still might be language options :crossed_fingers:

I’ll add the European version first. This should give us a range of languages to choose from if need be.

offering us something this nice for free (ads aside)

With regards to ads, I was thinking about offering a one-time paid membership via bitcoin or that PayPal donation button. I haven’t thought about what those terms would be, but I’ll come up with some added value and remove all of the Google Adsense ads - at least we didn’t go with porn, right!

I’ll create a new thread at some point and we can see if there’s interest in special member accounts down the road.