Final Fantasy IX / FF9 Freezes, Glitches, and/or Cutscene Issues

This thread is in regards to many issues that have been occurring throughout most people’s Final Fantasy IX playthrough.

  • FF9- Freezing at Bahamut’s attack
  • Entering Cleyra (after you enter the sand storm- the characters have a dialogue, then proceed ahead which results in a blank screen, with the sounding still going on in the back ground
  • Amarant’s first appearance
  • Iifa tree

Others may exist or arise in the future- This thread will be used to identify, communicate, and possibly troubleshoot the issues.

We have had success with some of our community members putting in a lot of effort to test these solutions. Your input is always appreciated.

  • Side note: if you have a savestate after any of these cutscenes (if possible, directly after the scenes). Please upload them to the save repository. If you’re uncertain how to do this, we will be more than happy to explain it

A common issue that causes some of these freezes appears to be save state- related. Its unverified , but using save states constantly can increase the probability of an issue occuring. Its best to start a new disk and use only the in-game saves as much as possible.

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Hey there,

Thanks for all the trouble-shooting on this one- I wanted to let you know I’m having the same black-out glitch on Disk 3 (before Bahamut attack) on the new FF9 V1.1 as well. Caveat being that my save files were originally made in the original.

Is there a functional difference between the .ggz and .ggs files? I re-played disk 3 up to the error using only .ggs saves and still hit the glitch. Or is there some way to save through the in-game moogle and come back to the files after closing the browser? The in game saves always disappear on me upon refreshing.

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