Games not showing up sometimes

sometimes when i go to play a game, such as resident evil 2 the video/loader dosent even show up. is there a way to fix this? im using chrome btw.


You mentioned that sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t? Those are the trickiest ones to figure out. Has this been happening a lot? From time to time I’ll do a system related task that’ll slow things down to a crawl which might be the problem.

I just fired up RE2 in Chrome, selected disc 1 and it worked fine. Not sure if it’ll make a difference but Opera and Microsoft Edge are supported and may work more consistently (although I don’t suspect your problem is a browser issue).

Be sure to let us know when it happens as soon as you can so we can find a possible correlation between the issue you’re seeing and any work we may be doing on the site at the same time.