Legend of Dragoon Wrong Disc

Under the regular LOD game (not 1.1) when trying to change to disc 4, it seems to have disc 3 as the load setting for disc 4. It’s not a different size and then it says error, wrong disc. Can we upload the right disc 4 under that particular game? Thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up! Disc 4 has been added.

Thanks! Ok so now that it’s loading disc 4, it freezes up everytime I load it. Goes from the “please insert disc 4” to “please wait” and then never loads and freezes. I’ve tried multiple times. Any ideas?

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This might have been a problem all along to be honest. I believe I have another disc 4 version around to try but I’m pretty sure the results will be the same.

I really wish Sony would just re-release this game so we can all play the proper version again :frowning:

Ah I see. Thanks for that, if you happen to load the other version disc 4, please let me know and I’ll see if I can get it to work. Yeah totally agree, such a bummer! I wish they’d put a version out on a Switch as a port at least like they did with the Final Fantasies. Thanks!