Microphone functionality for the Famicom?

For the Famicom, there are some games that support the microphone, such as Zelda no Densetsu (Japanese “The Legend of Zelda 1”), which allows you to instakill a room full of those annoying bunny things by making a noise in the mike.

Could there be microphone functionality added? Maybe it could be mapped to a button. I can’t do it myself because I do not have the available time or technology, and I don’t have nearly enough technical know-how. Could someone add the microphone to the Japanese-region NES games being emulated through this site? Thank you and have a nice day! :smile:

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That would be amazing! The game player runs on a different server which I unfortunately have no control over. Maybe I’ll try to get a hold of the developers to see if this sort of thing is possible with their current system.

Touch screen support would be a game changer, too.