[OPEN BETA] New Emulator Supports Mobile Devices ** ALL SYSTEMS **

I’m beyond excited to share with you good folks the next evolution of the site. We’ve replaced the current emulator with an open source, locally ran system that supports all consoles on mobile devices (yes, even ps1 games; see supported game list below) that can be access here - https://dev.emubrowser.com

Here are my early notes as we’ve only been testing on mobile for the past hour or so.

  • Playing in full screen mode while holding your device horizontally is the optimum way to play. You can still play in the browser window, but I recommend using the full screen option for best results, especially when it comes to the arrangement of the touch controls.
  • Multi-disc PS1 games are unfortunately unsupported at this time. All games that required multi-disc switching have been kept unchanged in order to remain working for visitors. All single disc games have been converted to the new emulator and work on mobile devices (Only Android devices have been tested so far)
  • Previous game saves will not work on the new emulator.
  • Game player initiates much faster. Also no more video ads before the games load.
  • Several new options including cheats are available; let me know if there’s a game you’d like me to look into!

As mentioned, all multi-disc ps1 games aren’t working with the new emulator (disc switching ability to be specific), but here’s a list of single disc games that work really well. If you spot any issues, please create a topic under the Support category.


Be sure to check in frequently as I plan to start beefing up the PS1 catalogue of games now that you can play them on the go (we also take requests) !

For the next week or so, you can test the games out at https://dev.emubrowser.com before I “flip the switch” on the main site. Game saves from the dev site (or new emulator saves) will carry over to the main so don’t worry about that, play all you like! I haven’t set a date in stone yet, but I’ll try to give everyone enough time to finish up their current game on the previous emulator since your game save will not transfer over to the new emulator.

Looking forward to any feedback you all might have! Thanks again for all of the help getting us to where we are today.

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Can you elaborate? Does it mean that all my saves are useless and I have to start again? or does it mean that I can use the saves on the old emulator, but I can not use the saves on the new one?
Am I still able to use the original emulator?

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I’ll try to elaborate a bit more. Our new emulator won’t support the old game save so yes, you’d need to start over again once the switch is made

As an example, here’s the current (soon to be previous) emulator running Donkey Kong Country, and here’s the new emulator version of Donkey Kong Country. Saves from one won’t work with the other.

Perhaps I could delay the transition to the new emulator for a specif game or 2. What game are you working on? I’d like to move to the new emulator asap as it allows us to play games on our mobile devices and that alone is a HUGE upgrade.

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I was still working on Majora’s mask, but the lens of truth bug is stopping me. I could restart because I just finished the first dungeon, it would just be a inconvenience. Is there be a way to make the old versions still accessible?

I can temporarily keep Majora’s Mask as is for a week or so while you finish up.

At this point, there is no way to get old game saves working with the new system in place. I can give you an extra week or so, but eventually I’ll have to make the switch to accommodate mobile play. There’s also the possibility to consider that the new emulator will fix the current bug which would be great news for everyone.