Play our games on your XBOX Series X|S

Ever wonder what Super Mario 64 would look like on your XBOX Series X|S? Maybe jam a little Mega Man 2 on the big screen for a minute or two? Now you can see for yourself with this handy little proof-of-concept video I took last night.

The trick is to position your cursor over the word “Controls” at the top of the game player right after clicking the “Start Game” button. Once the cursor is in the right place, it will change from a round fat pointer to a vertical cursor.

Once in the correct position, start hammering the A button (listen to the rapid clicking sounds in the video to catch my meaning) while the game is loading - hopefully you’ve made it there before it’s done loading. If not; reload the page and try again.

If all goes well, your controller should be connected and you’ll be able to play!


  • The start button is the right trigger


If your controller disconnects, you’ll have to refresh the page and do the process over again. This also goes for if it doesn’t connect initially. The only method I’ve had success with so far is to hammer click on top of that “Controls” area while the game is loading.

PSX games do not fully download and may cause Edge to crash (If that’s the case, hit the XBOX button and close the Edge app then open it up again). I suspect some built in restrictive measure to not have users download massive files from the browser to the XBOX HD are stopping these from working. The majority of them are over 500MB and I notice the crash start around the 300MB download range. Let me know if you’ve found success with any PSX games and I’ll share the news!

I should also make note that all of the frustratingly finicky methods I used here to get the game to play will be completely null and void once a mouse and keyboard can be used with Edge…

Looks like M$ did right by us all and added mouse and keyboard support to the XBOX Series X|S Edge browser! I haven’t tried yet but you should be able to easily pause your game, resume, change the settings etc.

Have fun everybody! :beers: :canada:

Edit: I have tried it, and it’s spectacular :wink:

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