[SITE UPDATE] Single Sign-On (SSO) Is Now Available!

You can now sign into the main site and have an account set up on this sexy ass discourse forum! The reason this rocks is simple: You now only need to create one account to have access to both services - The My Saved Games feature along access to the forum!

Why Should I Sign Up For An Account?

For the time being, the only real benefit to signing up for an account is the My Saved Games list. You can save and sort games by console making it super easy to jump back into a game from your list.

Down the road, I may remove ads and percs along those lines for all registered members.

So How Does It Work?

Click the “Login” button in the upper right :arrow_upper_right:

You’ll be redirected to the main site: https://emubrowser.com/user - to be specific

Sign up for a new account or sign into your existing account. If you already have an account, sign in and you’ll be redirected back to the forum and will be logged in and ready to go!

After you’re done registering for a new account, click the one-time login link in the email you registered with and complete the registration process.

Once you’re logged, click the Forum link in the upper left menu.

If all goes well, you now can save games on the main site for easy access and also have the ability to post topics and join the conversation in the forum! :beers: :video_game: