Small issue with emubrowser;; help?

hey i was trying to play final fantasy 7 and it worked great, but it was unplayable because the frames were really bad : (

like it kept stuttering and it took forever to see the actual first scene of the game
any suggestions?

It probably has something to do with your computer. The poor frame rate could be a number of things but generally depends on your computers performance once the game loads.

Are there any CPU intensive programs running in the background? Have you tried a different browser like Edge, Chrome or Opera?

If it’s not your PC, definitely try another browser like Chrome or Opera and let me know how it goes.

Alright I tried it on Chrome and its 10x better than before

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So glad that fixed it! I had a feeling if you were using Firefox it’d be a problem. Always had a consistent choppiness that made the games unplayable for me on both a 2013 MacBook Pro and a 2019 Oryx Pro. Didn’t make a difference - FF would always just shit the bed.

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