[SOLVED] Legend of Dragoon - Disc 4 Won't Load

Every time I switch discs from 3 to 4 using the .ggs file, and switch to disc 4, it will go to Please Wait and then everything freezes. I’ve tried going back and forth, trying different things before proceeding to the end point of disc 3, etc. and nothing seems to be working. Is there any workaround?


Nevermind! I got it to work - if anyone else is having this issue, what I did was save at an actual save point, reset the game (not reload, right click then reset) then continued and went through the scene and it didn’t freeze anymore!

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Thanks for coming back and detailing out what you had to do to get things working!

Very much appreciated from each and every one of us.

I just made an account to tell you that I love you!

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Right back at ya, @SakyoKai! :heart_eyes:

Happy Gaming! :video_game: