Updating Emulator

Sup Gamers,

I recently stumbled upon a new core emulator that has several improvements over the current one. They include, but are not limited to:

Mobile play
More responsive
Improved quality across multiple browser
Possibility of NetPlay

The problem is that once we switch, your current game saves will no longer work. We have 2 options at this point:

  1. I create a mobile link on all pages that links to the new emulator, leaving the previous version available
  2. I do a few sql queries and update everything in a command or so.

Option 1 will take a while and will be a lot of work. It’s cool, it’ll just take a while and I’m not sure if anyone really cares that much to preserve their game saves.
Option 2 would be awesome but I’m sure you all would be a bit bummed out if your game save(s) no longer worked.

I also haven’t tested multi-discs yet, which if unsupported would be a deal breaker.

I’d really like to hear back and know what your thoughts are. I think being able to play some of these games on your phone is a huge improvement to the site and almost worth starting some games over again.

Perhaps I’ll start with the lesser played games (Atari, NES, Genesis etc.) and leave the PlayStation collection alone for now. I’ll try to have a decision on the next steps by the 6th - 9th of October.

whoa, whoa! Not everyone all at once! :wink:

I’m gonna re-do the entire site I think. I’ll use the new emulator and design a new theme while I’m at it.
This won’t be happening anytime soon, but consider this your official warning to finish up any big game you’ve been working on before I make the switch.

For all updates, please see the following thread: